Vocal Coaching resource: Scripts central!

I love this little site for a really terrific archive of commercial radio voice over scripts for you to practise with at home. These are really useful if your goal is to master the art of commercial radio voice over reads for advertisements. Often access to good scripts is one stumbling block to perfecting your ability to rehearse, prepare and develop your skills so flick through this site for a wonderful compendium of sample scripts for various industries.

Top tip: record yourself and check for

  1. Pace. Does your read sound too fast or too slow?
  2. Consistent projection and volume control.
  3. Connection to the listener, are you talking TO me?
  4. Connection to the topic. How well can you emote? Are you making me care?
  5. How well are you managing your breath control?
  6. Do the inflections feel right?

It's not about getting the scripts perfect. It's about learning to use the script as a tool for you to play with: make it fun, and experiment!