there's so many ways to find your voice


podcast coaching

Want to get going on your great idea for a podcast but don't know where to start? Overwhelmed by all the technical stuff, no idea how to edit audio, or aren't sure how to get excellent at it? Or perhaps you have a mic and some gear but aren't sure you're using it right? Learn to understand microphones, audio recording, editing, what to say, and how to plan and create your podcast. Or get feedback and advice on your existing podcast so you feel empowered to make it even better! 

audio recording

Demystifying the art of capturing good sound is an art in itself. There are so many programs, tools, microphones and ways of using them, having some help to work it all out is sometimes all you need. I can work with you to learn about microphones, interfaces, audio software, audio editing, mixing and mastering. Want to really advance your skills? I can hook you up with industry experts to mentor you through your project if you'd love to learn from the best and feel confident.

Tv, FILM, & documentary projects

Would you like to focus your ideas for your creative project? Maybe uncover the theme of the piece you want to create? Have you gotten a little lost or overwhelmed with your work so far and need a hand to make sense of it and re-energise your creative goal? We can work to make sure the voice of the project communicates and connects to your audience, says what you want it to, and feels cohesive and clear. Find your focus, find your voice.

vocal coaching

If the sound of your own voicemail message makes you cringe (and - real talk -  everybody cringes when they hear their own voice) let's get you feeling more comfortable and happy with how you sound.  Your voice is such a valuable instrument. We can work on learning to use it well, look after it, and make it work for you. Whether you want to improve your public speaking, your phone voice, your radio voice or be more engaging to listen to, I can give you tips to be heard, and sound great.

interview skills

Want to create entertaining, informative talks? Interviewing can be the most meaningful and inspiring way to explore a topic. When we hear a good interview we can learn, empathise, see a topic through someone else's eyes and feel really connected to a person's story. It can be done so beautifully, and it can also be a tricky art to master! Learn the steps to doing it well, how to research, plan, prepare and conduct an interview to create meaningful, engaging and listenable conversations.

MEDIA training

Learn how to articulate you work for media. From artists and musicians to local politicians, zine makers, or academic researchers, to yogis and wellness practitioners - if you're working on something you care a lot about and want to share it with the world, but struggle to find the words to explain what you do... I can help. If the idea of being interviewed strikes fear deep within your soul, let's help you feel more confident, in control and enjoy it!